Conclusions of journalists are unfavourable [VIDEO].
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In the Crimea directly in Nikitsky botanical garden one sells habitation
For 300 000$ it is possible to lodge in the magnificent environment.
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The journalist in Crimea was forbidden to write about elections in Russia
The editor of "Kafy" has undergone to threats, and then she was brought down by the car.
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The court has forbidden to search for Hitler's confidential weapon at coast of the Crimea
The Office of Public Prosecutor has achieved the interdiction for archaeological investigation at mysterious sunken wreck Santa-Fe.
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The earthquake happened at the coast of the Crimea
Only in 50 kilometers.
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Azarov about Simferopol: careless city
The Prime minister has scarified work of the city authorities.
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The Crimean beauty 2013 was chosen
According to The City, today there was the competition in Simferopol "Crimean beauty 2013". 18 girls, representing 8 nations, competed in it.
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In Crimea one found a young wolf in the stairwell
A man of the city has lost the predator.
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In the Crimea one noticed Karadag monster again
The monster hunts dolphins.
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The USSR's first Pepsi plant was in the Crimea
It was opened in the late 70's.
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Scientists said that the Crimean asteroid wasn't dangerous for Earth
Scientists have reduced the likelihood of the collision the 400-meter "Crimean" asteroid with Earth in 2032 to 1 chance at 345,000.
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In the Crimea one promises snow and frost in two weeks
Forecasters reported that the cold snap would cover the whole territory of Ukraine.
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McDonald's worker from Simferopol won the vocal competition: video
In the spring of 2014 she will go to the finals in the United States.
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